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10 July 2010 @ 12:10 pm
Random. No particular Subject  
 Yes, its true. I've finally got my lazy ass up to write something. Even if its the most pointless thing ever. But, need to keep things alive. I've been looking for a new layout. And I told myself that once I found the perfect layout, I'd write. But, after hours and hours (slight exaggeration) of searching later I decided that I truly liked the layout that I had and din't really need to change. Maybe I could change the header pic in a few weeks. But, I'm good. For now.

I'm lazying my holz away. Doing absolutely nothing worthwhile and really looking forward to college again. And watching episodes of this and that.

I've tried Dexter recently. I wasn't really sure about. What with the serial killer and all. But, I actually like the show. Its like such a different perspective that its almost refreshing in its own way. But, lately being in the dark freaks me out a bit. Totally weird, but I'm not really sure if I've always been afraid of the dark. 

And I'm so sleepy right now. I think I'm actually tired from sleeping. Its 12:00 noon right now.
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